gocard pvc plastic card facbricator in all over pakistan +90 300 4528191 Islamabad - Lahore - Rawalpindi - Peshawar - Gujrat - Sialkot - Faisalabad

gocard pvc plastic card facbricator in all over pakistan +90 300 4528191 Islamabad - Lahore - Rawalpindi - Peshawar - Gujrat - Sialkot - Faisalabad
Go cardz Technologies is a system Oriented firm promote Loyalty Cards Printing with Full Standerd Features like Banking Grade Cards compete International export quality parameters and synchorizations as per cutomer demands . All Grades of Employee cards - University cards - School cards Customer Loyalty Membership Reward Cards Terminology: 1-Loyalty Card Printing CRM via ERP Fully compatiable with all Point of Sales managament systems like Candella, Retail Pro , Microsoft,Saip Platforums with lots of machine readable abilities like QR on card Barcodes on card Swipe Magnetic on card Rfid reading feature on card Contact / non Contact IC Chip card Personalizations: Embossed Feature like Banking Grade Card Laser Engraving Feature like Banking Grade Card Signature Panel like Banking Grade Card Dotted in out Featured card Cutt Featured card Grooving Featured card Craving Featured card Uv Emboss Printing Featured card Matt with Uv customized Featured card UV Shipe Banking Grade card Gold Metalic look card Silver Metalic look card Textures customizaitons and much more. Card Shapes : Normal Card has only straight look but it is pleasure to know that Goldencardz has honour to reshape cards in any Size Shape Look Angle CRM Software: Goldencardz Systems also customized newly innovated Point of Sale Android Base/Desktop CRM via ERP Software Base Platfourm with lot of benefits and personalizaitons as per customer request CRM Software Benifits: Our Customer Relation Managment Programme Software has much more flaxiable facilities the Retial Owners who wish to get started their own Loyalty Membership Cards Programme throu Desktop Opreations or Android touch system without any single second hesitations or frustrations. Points Reedem and Substruction facility Gift card facility Loyalty card facility online reporting facility customer online history direct discount/point based Demo can present as per project demand and request. Dont hasitate to start World Standereds Compatibale Loyalty Membership Progarmme with Goldencardz Technologies & Systems Lahore,Pakisatn Regards, M.Ali

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